Random Things That Popped in My Head During Communion

I’d like to preface this by saying, that when I take communion (or the Lord’s Supper) at church, it is usually a very serious time for me. It makes feel very close to God and gives me a time to reflect on things such as why I believe on what I believe. I’m not going to lie though, sometimes random things pop up in my head during the whole process. I’m not sure how your church does communion (crackers, bread, wafers, juice, wine? sit down, stand up, kneel?) but mine does the pass the plate method and so I’m sitting in seat with these thoughts randomly passing through my head.

  • I swear it doesn’t matter what church I go to, it seems that the section that has the fewest people gets the most ushers.
  • Why are there only two rows between those ushers and yet there’s a huge gap between the other ones?
  • Why do they always look confused about where to start? Aren’t there some guidelines for them to guesstimate?
  • What happens if someone drops the plates?
  • What happens if someone sneezes or coughs into the plate?
  • What if a plate finishes mid way through?
  • The crackers are now gluten-free!
  • Should I go for the biggest piece of cracker? I don’t want to touch everything.
  • Avoid the burnt piece!
  • Must pick a cup of juice. Inside, outside? DECISIONS.
  • Time to pray…AHHH Juice don’t fall down!
  • Man this cracker is really good. It feels like a sin to be focused on how good the cracker tastes when it’s supposed to represent the body of Jesus.
  • I don’t want to wash away the taste of the cracker with the grape juice.
  • That was good grape juice too.
  • I’m glad we were told WHEN to eat. There once was a time when we weren’t given instructions and everyone was all like…uh are we supposed to do it now? Too early? Too late?
  • Time to pray again. *spins finger on rim of cup*
  • Wait, why is nobody passing down the basket to put the empty cups in? Is it on my side and I didn’t notice? *check under chair* Nope, not there. *Awkwardly looks to the left.* Is the basket missing? Is the person at the other end a first timer and doesn’t know to check under their seat? What is going on? Ok, it looks like it’s not going to happen. Well this is awkward. Hmm, can I make it into the basket on the seat in front of me? Whew. It pays to be on the end.
  • This is the only time I ever miss having pews. Because you can’t put the cups on the back of the pew. And play with those rubber things you put the cups in.
  • What happens to all the leftover crackers and juice? Do they get thrown out? It seems weird, almost sacrilegious, to snacking on the crackers or drinking out of the cups later.

And now you know how my mind works. Yep. On a fun note, we DID find out what kind of crackers have been used lately at our church. Everyone had noticed how the taste had improved 100% from the last time we had done it. Until next month’s communion!


What is Deborah Geeking Over This Week Vol. 3

And here’s this week’s edition of what was awesome this week for me:

I went out to lunch after church and was told that white pizza was boring. This coming from a guy who had gotten two pieces of pepperoni pizza. Really?

I cannot put this book down. I also don’t want it to end. It reminds me of The Joy Luck Club a bit. Right now, it’s one of my favorite books of the year.

Thanks to coupons and rewards points, I got this eyeliner for 21 cents at Ulta this week. Woot.

This is a mead and it has a 19% ABV. DRINK IT SLOWLY. Also very sweet.

This song has been on repeat all week. Basically the lyrics are what I feel like any guy I’ve ever liked in my life is trying to say to me.


Best scene in the new X-Men movie. Young Magneto over Wolverine any day.

Because a real life Lizzie and Darcy are getting married tomorrow. And it will be glorious.


All the Small Things

It’s been a crazy past few weeks in my life lately. Lots of ups and downs. Unexpected surprises. Anticipated downsides. Basically I feel like I’ve been living on a roller coaster lately. And I’m a lovely combination of being mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausted.

However even with all the crazy that is going on in my life, I still managed to find several silver linings.

Disclaimer: Since I don’t have kids and I’m not married, the only thing I can really brag about is myself at the moment. And I as I normally hate talking about good things that happen to me because I’m worried about what others think, this is rather rare. So if anyone feels the need to tell me I’m talking too much about myself, keep it to yourself. (kthanksbye)

I woke up on Tuesday morning to the best news ever….I won tickets to see Josh Groban! There had been a contest from the venue’s location  to name your favorite JG song and I entered with saying about how I hadn’t really listened to his music until this past year and yay for “False Alarms.” Didn’t think at all that I’d win. And then boom I did. The really awesome part was that I was totally expecting lawn seats because why would they give away seats that people would pay more money for? Then I got the tickets in the mail.


These are actual seats! In the balcony! This is pretty frakking awesome!

And yes, I did buy tickets to see him for the night before as well. I don’t need to defend myself at all. But right now, knowing that I’m going to have back to back nights of Josh Groban in my life is exactly what I need. Also he’ll be the host of (yet) another reality music competition show on TV this summer. So even if I don’t care about the music, I can have Josh Groban on my TV every week during the summer!

The winning streak continued later that day because then I won a Twitter contest from Noodles and Company.

Then on Wednesday, I got a text from Chick Fil-A saying I could get free chicken nuggets that day. Yay! Free lunch!

While I was there, I received an email from my favorite movie theater telling me that as a rewards member I got the chance to be the first to RSVP for an advance screening of The Fault in Our Stars. Oh and that it was free as well. Free movie??? BOOM, I RSVPed immediately. And the RSVPs filled up fast so I was extremely lucky to get one when I did. I feel like I should feel bad because I haven’t read the book yet but you know what, I’m not going to. I’m really excited.

I may write another post about how I seem to have good luck when winning contests. It appears that I do.

On Thursday, I was FINALLY able to get my bridesmaid’s dress in as this has been a huge source of worry for the past few weeks. And the alterations are going to be a lot cheaper than I expected, so yay! Plus that day I found out I will be receiving for review from Amazon, a very nice set of pots and pans which makes me really excited because I love to cook and these will be awesome for that.

Then this weekend was the bachelorette party for the wedding I’ll be in. And it was rather awesome. Spending time with some of my best girl friends was exactly what I needed. I can also now take a breather from wedding duties as I had planned the shower and the bachelorette weekend and now I’m all good until the actual wedding next month.

There’s still a lot of stuff going on in my life that I both need to figure out and also just turn over to God. But it’s really great to know that there are still good things in life that I can find joy in.


Blast from the Past: How Would Jesus Enter a Blog Giveaway

This isn’t a Thursday but I’m doing a throwback post that was on my old blog. This was one of the most popular non book review posts I posted on my book blog. For background information, when I used to run giveaways, I had the hardest time having people follow the simple instructions on just leaving a comment (the days before Google forms and Rafflecopter). Another blogger suggested, since I had a lot of Christian readers, to write about WWJD about entering blog giveaways. And thus, this was post was born.

So let’s go back to 2009:

If you’ve read my post about the Do’s and Don’ts of Contest Entries, then you know my stance on the corrective behavior about entering contests. Now I’m a pretty laid back person and I don’t complain a lot. Heck, I don’t even really talk about my personal life on this blog (except the wedding business but that’s because you all begged me for it. And because I wanted to show off a little 🙂 I don’t mind a little mistake here and there. I’ve done it before, everyone’s done it. No harm, the best is when you catch yourself and delete that wrong entry before I even notice. Kudos bars (do they still make those? I haven’t had one in years) to everyone who’s done that.

No, the problem lies with the people who continue to make these mistakes even though I’ve more than many times pointed out the rules of how to enter a contest on my blog. In case you somehow missed them, I always post my rules in bright red, and they are as big a font as I can get on blogger. They are also posted in the contests tab at the top of the blog, but here again for your added enjoyment.

People please….I’m in my mid 20s. You are giving me more gray hairs on my head than I need right now! I’ve found that most of these mistakes that happen in the Contest Do’s and Don’ts post occur whenever I post a Christian fiction giveaway.

BTW you may say, it’s such a minor thing, why don’t you just get over it, it’s not life and death. Ok you may say that but hey this is MY blog. Don’t like it? Well. I don’t know what to tell you.

Which brings the question: How would Jesus enter a blog giveaway?

Jesus is a mac user?? *Looking sadly at my PC.*

Never mind the fact that I do give away some books that
Jesus wouldn’t enter for. I really don’t think he’d read chick lit, iffy on the YA (I bet he’d win at The Hunger Games), although I’m sure he’d love the Christian fiction. I wonder if Jesus would go for the edgy stuff or the Amish fiction? And why yes, Jesus would read fiction contrary to the popular belief that reading stories is reading lies and we shouldn’t’ be doing it. Jesus told stories aka parables. Are you saying then that Jesus told lies?

Would Jesus forget to leave his contact info when entering a contest? – Nope, because He always wants you to contact him. Whether you want to or not.

Would Jesus leave his mailing address for everyone to see? Ok well that one he might, but this may be the one time you don’t want to do what Jesus does. B/C while he wants all of us to go find him in his big house, I don’t think you want those random kooks at your house! To paraphrase Smokey the Bear, “Only you can prevent giving away your info to strangers!”

Would Jesus enter for a contest after it’s over and comments have been closed? Well even though Jesus is rather persistent and would like all his followers to be, I think when a door is closed permanently, it can’t be open again.

Would Jesus make sure he was entering the right giveaway and not enter on something that was not a giveaway? I think Jesus can tell the difference between right and wrong. Can you?

Would Jesus use an alias to keep entering giveaways? Well he does have that whole Trinity thing going for him but I really don’t think he’d use that for his advantage to win something (except maybe followers…I bet Jesus would have lots of people on his follower list, if he was doing a giveaway I bet you’d get extra entries for joining!).

So what’s the overall point of this post? The point is, I’m sorry for having to get all snarky and write a potential sacrilegious post like this. I know I may have offended some people and you will now all unsubscribe and hate me. I just feel like I’ve done as much as I can to make things as easy for people to enter and it still backfires on me. I feel bad having to disqualify and delete posts but if rules aren’t followed then that’s the way I have to go. If you can tell me how to make things more easier for you, please let me know.

And for the record, I love Jesus. Seriously. That’s why I’m so passionate about this blog, so I can give Christian fiction a good name and get the word out about it out there. Even when people made awkward pictures of him like this



Where the sidewalk ends

And now for your random post of the day.

Perhaps you can help me answer this because I don’t understand it.

Why do people walk on the street vs a sidewalk?


sidewalk (Photo credit: nicolasnova)

Now before all you runners tell me about asphalt is better for your knees than concrete, I’m merely talking about just plain walking. Not running, jogging, bicycling, skateboarding, etc. Just plain walking.

There are so many times when I see a perfectly good sidewalk that isn’t going to end for a LONG time, isn’t cracked or damaged, or covered in puddles or snow and I see people choose to walk in traffic on the actual street.

What is the reasoning for this? This isn’t like I’ll see a random person do this, this seems pretty universal in all types of neighborhoods and cities. Is there some aversion to sidewalks that I am not aware of? Aren’t you worried about getting hit by a car? I can’t tell you the number of times at night I’ve nearly hit someone who was walking on the street instead of the sidewalk because I couldn’t see them until the very last second (and really, they should have seen me coming).

I even had a weird moment when I was sitting in my car waiting for a friend, and a group of walkers all chose to walk around on the street instead of the sidewalk on the other side. So for a few seconds it felt like I was surrounded as they all had to walk AROUND the car instead of just walking straight ahead on the sidewalk.

If anyone can answer this question, I would gladly appreciate it.

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Women’s Retreat: Bacon, Diet Coke, Chocolate. And more bacon.

Ah, the perks of a women’s retreat. This past weekend I went to one hosted by my church. I’ll talk more seriously about it on another date. Today is just my decompressing of obviously the most important highlights.

This is the second year that I’ve attended the retreat. In the past, I thought about going but then I (and probably like most 20somethings) thought “It’s mostly for moms and older women. They aren’t going to talk about anything I will relate to. They don’t know what it’s like to be in my stage of life.” Famous last words. The retreat was a hotel nearby so I didn’t feel the need to pay the extra $$ to get a room because as I’m not a mom I don’t feel the need to get away. I just commuted which sometimes felt awful (thank you time change).

Finding a table to sit at is like entering a high school cafeteria for the first time. Everyone seems to know each other and you’re the new kid. Should you join a table where people are already talking or should you start up a new table and see if anyone will join YOU? I ended up doing the latter. I was worried because it took about 10 minutes before anyone else joined me (oh gosh what if NO ONE does??) but finally the table filled up.

We got split up into small groups and I’m like…oh noes! I don’t know anyone in my group! It’s because of how I filled out my demographics! Wahhh! “Psh,” said God. “Trust me.” He was right. It was much good times.

Food at retreats is always so good and we’re always eating it seems. I mean, not having to cook the food yourselves is a bonus. And then having delish food on top of that? Win for everyone. And there was bacon on both of the breakfast buffets. BACON. BUFFET. Yep. I was happy. BACON. It’s also nice having a beverage bar of soda, tea, coffee WHENEVER YOUR WANTED. One could get spoiled. I may or may not have had more Diet Cokes this weekend than I normally drink. This would explain the not being able to go to sleep.

All in all it was a great weekend. The speaker was fabulous and there was lots of time to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Learned a bunch of new things (including if you cram too many women into an elevator, it will not move up) and was able to share my own experiences as well.

Like I said, I’ll share some of the more serious things I learned on a later date. Right now I’m just missing all the bacon. And the fact that there is not a lunch buffet waiting for me. I do have Diet Coke though…..


What Is Deborah Geeking Over This Week Vol. 2

I don’t know about you but this is what got my attention this week.

These arrived in the mail this week. Got them for free with the gift card I won from DSW. Perhaps if you see me in person I will be wearing them.

This is the Garlic Tuscan Bread from Wegman’s and holy crap it is what I want to believe manna tastes like.

Sadly the Olympics are over. And I don’t want to think about how old I’m going to be for the next one. But at least they went out in style.

But that’s ok because this Sunday is the Academy Awards. You GUYZ, it’s like MY SUPERBOWL.


And speaking of movies, I saw this the other night and it was fantastic. As a historian, archivist, and movie lover, I really enjoyed it. It’s basically Ocean’s 11 during WWII.



Random Thoughts about Traveling


I was gone on a business trip last week. I don’t get to travel that much so even though it was just to Akron, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do enjoy getting away and seeing new things. Ironically though the most difficult part about traveling for me is the planning beforehand.

I know that’s weird coming from me, the person that likes to make sure everything is planned out beforehand. But I actually get really stressed out when planning for trips. It’s one of the few things that I’d rather someone else handle and I just go along with the flow. Even packing is way too stressful for me. What if I forget something? What if I lose my luggage? What if I didn’t bring the right kind of clothes?

Plane rides and airports can be fun. I take advantage of those cookies that are offered on Delta flights and free sodas? Woo! And thank the Lord for charge stations in the airport because my phone likes to suck the battery dry when I travel plus free WiFi makes a four hour delay go a lot faster. I got stuck in the “expedited” security check point which was supposed to go faster because it meant I didn’t have to take off my shoes or take out my laptop. But really, it made everything slower because most people choose not to read the signs that say you don’t have to do this. To make up for this, I was given that awesome in flight safety video that Delta now has out.

Some folks don’t like sleeping on unfamiliar beds. With me, I say bring it on. Any bed is basically going to be better than what I sleep on now so I pass out as soon I get on the hotel bed. Plus there are always a billion pillows which is never a bad thing.

I also get excited about discovering new places to eat at when I travel. I can understand going to grab a quick meal at a nationwide chain if you’re in a hurry. But if you have time to spare, why on earth would you go eat at places you can visit at home when you can try something new? Unless, of course you’re one of those kinds of people who hate trying new things and are picky eaters. As for me, I love to try out new things, even though admittedly I always get a bit nervous because I don’t like it when it’s obvious I’m not one of the locals when ordering.

Seeing new sights is always fun. Even if it’s just a local museum of what the town you’re in is famous for. There’s no shame in doing the big touristy things especially if you’ve never been in that city before. Just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s not cool if you go see it too.

As dorky as this sounds, one of my favorite things about traveling to new places is being able to check in on them on Foursquare. This is the best time to rack up points and get badges especially if none of your friends has been to those locations. It’s also a really good way for me to keep track of everywhere I’ve been.

So that’s all that went through my head as I traveled this past week. Hopefully I’ll get to do it again soon. Anyone up for a road trip?


Deborah’s random ramblings of the week

I was reading Boundless the other day, and in their podcast section, there was an advice question that caught my attention. The writer of the question wondered if her love for theology and doctrine was a turn off to guys. She said it felt like all the guys she knew were going for girls who weren’t so spiritually deep. And she wanted to know if there was something she was doing wrong because of this. The answer was basically be yourself, keep doing what you love but don’t be a know it all.

I didn’t really find this answer satisfactory but it did get me thinking. In general, do we become attracted to people who share our interests or those that are opposite of us? Do we want to share with someone our experiences or have to explain to them all the time about it? Even when it comes to just our friends, do we gravitate towards what we know or look for something completely different?

Sometimes I feel weird because I know certain things and no one else does. Usually it’s because no one else wants to know these things but I wanted to learn more about it myself. I don’t want to be a know it all and I try very hard to not always tell what I know unless it legitimately comes up in conversation. That’s the other thing, I learn things so I CAN join in the conversation instead of just sitting there not knowing. But sometimes I wonder if people would rather just be asked so they can talk vs actually talk with someone who is on their level. I feel really weird sometimes that I want to know the things that I do. Which aren’t that weird to be honest. Just they tend to favor certain people over others.

But you know what? Overall the answer to that question is the right one. Be who you are. Like what you want to like. And you will find people who appreciate what you do like. Do not change just to make people like you. And never feel inferior about yourself because of who you are.