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I was reading Boundless the other day, and in their podcast section, there was an advice question that caught my attention. The writer of the question wondered if her love for theology and doctrine was a turn off to guys. She said it felt like all the guys she knew were going for girls who weren’t so spiritually deep. And she wanted to know if there was something she was doing wrong because of this. The answer was basically be yourself, keep doing what you love but don’t be a know it all.

I didn’t really find this answer satisfactory but it did get me thinking. In general, do we become attracted to people who share our interests or those that are opposite of us? Do we want to share with someone our experiences or have to explain to them all the time about it? Even when it comes to just our friends, do we gravitate towards what we know or look for something completely different?

Sometimes I feel weird because I know certain things and no one else does. Usually it’s because no one else wants to know these things but I wanted to learn more about it myself. I don’t want to be a know it all and I try very hard to not always tell what I know unless it legitimately comes up in conversation. That’s the other thing, I learn things so I CAN join in the conversation instead of just sitting there not knowing. But sometimes I wonder if people would rather just be asked so they can talk vs actually talk with someone who is on their level. I feel really weird sometimes that I want to know the things that I do. Which aren’t that weird to be honest. Just they tend to favor certain people over others.

But you know what? Overall the answer to that question is the right one. Be who you are. Like what you want to like. And you will find people who appreciate what you do like. Do not change just to make people like you. And never feel inferior about yourself because of who you are.


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