About Deborah


Hi.  I’m Deborah.  I’m a girl.  And I’m a geek.  That’s the short story.

This feels like I’m writing a profile for an online dating website….hmm how personal do you want to get?

I’ll just list things and you can think whatever you want.

Star Wars.  Harry Potter.  Doctor Who.  The Hunger Games.  Marvel.  DC Deck Building.  Chinese Food.  Hawkeye.  The Beatles.

And here’s a bit more formal bio:

Deborah is a just turned 30-something archivist from the DC Metro area.  She was a book blogger for over 6 years which meant reading an insane amount of books.  While still loving reading, she decided to take a break from that type of blogging and try something new.  Deborah can be usually be found hanging out with her friends, watching movies, tabletop gaming, or finding out the latest in geek pop culture.   Recent first time adventures include eating with chopsticks, smoking a cigar, and getting hit by a deer forcing her to buy a new car.  As a historian and archivist, Deborah is also a big fan of trivia and will occasionally blurt out useless information when you are not expecting it.   Faith is an important aspect of Deborah’s life, she would not be where she is today without having to trust completely in God.  Some of the goals on her bucket list include visiting England and hopefully one day be able to take an archery lesson.

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I’m currently a contributor to Entertainment Weekly’s blog The Community. You can find a list of all my posts here. Shows I’ve covered include Veronica Mars (current),  Selfie,  The Musketeers, and Metal Hurlant Chronicles.