Random Thoughts about Traveling


I was gone on a business trip last week. I don’t get to travel that much so even though it was just to Akron, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do enjoy getting away and seeing new things. Ironically though the most difficult part about traveling for me is the planning beforehand.

I know that’s weird coming from me, the person that likes to make sure everything is planned out beforehand. But I actually get really stressed out when planning for trips. It’s one of the few things that I’d rather someone else handle and I just go along with the flow. Even packing is way too stressful for me. What if I forget something? What if I lose my luggage? What if I didn’t bring the right kind of clothes?

Plane rides and airports can be fun. I take advantage of those cookies that are offered on Delta flights and free sodas? Woo! And thank the Lord for charge stations in the airport because my phone likes to suck the battery dry when I travel plus free WiFi makes a four hour delay go a lot faster. I got stuck in the “expedited” security check point which was supposed to go faster because it meant I didn’t have to take off my shoes or take out my laptop. But really, it made everything slower because most people choose not to read the signs that say you don’t have to do this. To make up for this, I was given that awesome in flight safety video that Delta now has out.

Some folks don’t like sleeping on unfamiliar beds. With me, I say bring it on. Any bed is basically going to be better than what I sleep on now so I pass out as soon I get on the hotel bed. Plus there are always a billion pillows which is never a bad thing.

I also get excited about discovering new places to eat at when I travel. I can understand going to grab a quick meal at a nationwide chain if you’re in a hurry. But if you have time to spare, why on earth would you go eat at places you can visit at home when you can try something new? Unless, of course you’re one of those kinds of people who hate trying new things and are picky eaters. As for me, I love to try out new things, even though admittedly I always get a bit nervous because I don’t like it when it’s obvious I’m not one of the locals when ordering.

Seeing new sights is always fun. Even if it’s just a local museum of what the town you’re in is famous for. There’s no shame in doing the big touristy things especially if you’ve never been in that city before. Just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s not cool if you go see it too.

As dorky as this sounds, one of my favorite things about traveling to new places is being able to check in on them on Foursquare. This is the best time to rack up points and get badges especially if none of your friends has been to those locations. It’s also a really good way for me to keep track of everywhere I’ve been.

So that’s all that went through my head as I traveled this past week. Hopefully I’ll get to do it again soon. Anyone up for a road trip?


One thought on “Random Thoughts about Traveling

  1. I love to travel and wish I had the time and money to do more of it. This spring I am going to see my sister for a bit and with luck in the fall I hope to go to Prague and Budapest! Its a dream of mine to go to Prague so hoping my friends don’t flake on me.

    Hopefully you get to go somewhere else soon and that you’ll have a grand adventure!


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