Random Things That Popped in My Head During Communion

I’d like to preface this by saying, that when I take communion (or the Lord’s Supper) at church, it is usually a very serious time for me. It makes feel very close to God and gives me a time to reflect on things such as why I believe on what I believe. I’m not going to lie though, sometimes random things pop up in my head during the whole process. I’m not sure how your church does communion (crackers, bread, wafers, juice, wine? sit down, stand up, kneel?) but mine does the pass the plate method and so I’m sitting in seat with these thoughts randomly passing through my head.

  • I swear it doesn’t matter what church I go to, it seems that the section that has the fewest people gets the most ushers.
  • Why are there only two rows between those ushers and yet there’s a huge gap between the other ones?
  • Why do they always look confused about where to start? Aren’t there some guidelines for them to guesstimate?
  • What happens if someone drops the plates?
  • What happens if someone sneezes or coughs into the plate?
  • What if a plate finishes mid way through?
  • The crackers are now gluten-free!
  • Should I go for the biggest piece of cracker? I don’t want to touch everything.
  • Avoid the burnt piece!
  • Must pick a cup of juice. Inside, outside? DECISIONS.
  • Time to pray…AHHH Juice don’t fall down!
  • Man this cracker is really good. It feels like a sin to be focused on how good the cracker tastes when it’s supposed to represent the body of Jesus.
  • I don’t want to wash away the taste of the cracker with the grape juice.
  • That was good grape juice too.
  • I’m glad we were told WHEN to eat. There once was a time when we weren’t given instructions and everyone was all like…uh are we supposed to do it now? Too early? Too late?
  • Time to pray again. *spins finger on rim of cup*
  • Wait, why is nobody passing down the basket to put the empty cups in? Is it on my side and I didn’t notice? *check under chair* Nope, not there. *Awkwardly looks to the left.* Is the basket missing? Is the person at the other end a first timer and doesn’t know to check under their seat? What is going on? Ok, it looks like it’s not going to happen. Well this is awkward. Hmm, can I make it into the basket on the seat in front of me? Whew. It pays to be on the end.
  • This is the only time I ever miss having pews. Because you can’t put the cups on the back of the pew. And play with those rubber things you put the cups in.
  • What happens to all the leftover crackers and juice? Do they get thrown out? It seems weird, almost sacrilegious, to snacking on the crackers or drinking out of the cups later.

And now you know how my mind works. Yep. On a fun note, we DID find out what kind of crackers have been used lately at our church. Everyone had noticed how the taste had improved 100% from the last time we had done it. Until next month’s communion!


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