Celeb Fangirling: The Joseph Gordon-Levitt edition

Growing up as a girl in the 90s, I had my fair share of celebrity crushes.

JTT, Jonathan Brandis, the guy who was Spot Conlon from Newsies, Mike Vitar from The Sandlot. Just to name a few.

Many of those guys have disappeared from public life, died, or are still cute if not in the Hollywood business gracing teen magazines anymore.

And then there are some guys who started off cute and then aged very very well. Like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I mean you remember Angels in the Outfield:

Bonus Matthew McConaughey in there as well.

Then he was on 3rd Rock from the Sun with his long flowing hair.

He was in one of my favorite teen movies of all time, 10 Things I Hate About You (aka the teen movie that starred The Joker and Robin).  Afterwards, he kind of disappeared for a while. Which is usually what happens when child actors start growing up. Do they want to change their public image? What happens if the fame they found as a cute kid doesn’t translate over into more adult roles? Sometimes it fails horribly.

And then there’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt who decided to go the indie route with movies that I never saw and to be honest for a while forgot that he existed. But it worked in his favor because he was able to move towards serious acting and building credibility vs just riding on his previous fame.

Reemerging with one of my favorite movies of all time (500) Days of Summer. I will admit, I sided with the Tom character because of who played him.

In 2012, he starred in four movies and I saw every single one of them in theaters: The Dark Knight Rises, Premium Rush, Looper, and Lincoln. They were all excellent movies (well, Premium Rush was ok, but JGL on a bike? Yes.) It was a very good year.

He’s done tons of other stuff including directing and starting up a production company HitRecord. He also does fantastic lip synching.

JGL is one of those celebrities that everyone can enjoy. He seems like someone who you could hang out with and grab a few beers. He’s got that boy next door appeal but with way more style.

And well. I’ll just leave this here:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt over Channing Tatum any day.


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