Reading updates, TFIOS…..and a book giveaway!

I’ve been on a major reading kick lately. I know some of you still think that I read nonstop all the time like I used to but nope, that’s not true at all. I’ll do that thing where I read voraciously for a week and then I don’t want to read anything for two. I’m still trying to make my goal of 225 books for 2014 but I’ve only read 66 so I’m starting to think I might not make it.

I fully realize that reading is not about numbers or merely trying to get your TBR stack down. I’m reading books I actually do want to read. So right now that means a lot of Christian fiction, young adult fiction, and contemporary women’s fiction. I never feel the need anymore to defend what I read. I used to. Especially when I was book blogging because sometimes I felt like I wasn’t reading more heavy stuff like other bloggers. But I’ve since learned that it’s perfectly fine to read whatever I want to read. I’m still learning from my books and I don’t feel the need to try to impress anyone anymore. Not everyone will have my tastes and you know what? That’s perfectly ok. You can throw me all the dubious looks you want.

Speaking of young adult fiction, I saw The Fault In Our Stars last night at an advanced showing. I haven’t read the book but I sorta knew what was going to happen. I know shocking right? Normally, I never see a movie without reading the book first but I’ve actually never even read a single John Green book before either. *ducks from all the flying tomatoes*

I’m not going to spoil anything for those who haven’t read the book or still want to see the movie but I sobbed like a baby. If you’ve seen the trailer or even just the poster, I mean it’s story about teenagers in love and there’s cancer involved. I want to go back and read the book now because I thought the movie was really well done. It felt authentic and not trying to force feelings on you. Throughout the theater you kept hearing the sniffles. I do enjoy a good movie cry and this one was a good stupid cry. That is once I got over the fact that it wasn’t Tris and Caleb being incestuous with each other. Also, Shailene Woodley’s hair is incredible; when my hair was that short, it NEVER looked that good.

If you’ve read down this far, then congrats and you’re about to be rewarded with…. a book giveaway!

Do you like beach-y fiction? Do you like contemporary women’s fiction? Do you need a vacation read?

Thanks to the author, I’m able to giveaway an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of The House on Mermaid Point by Wendy Wax. (Berkely Trade, July 2014)


Book synopsis: In this new novel from the author of Ten Beach Road and Ocean Beach, three unlikely friends who were thrown together by disaster get a do-over on life, love, and happiness . . .

Maddie, Avery, and Nikki first got to know one another—perhaps all too well—while desperately restoring a beachfront mansion to its former grandeur. Now they’re putting that experience to professional use. But their latest project has presented some challenges they couldn’t have dreamed up in their wildest fantasies—although the house does belong to a man who actually was Maddie’s wildest fantasy once . . .

Rock-and-roll legend “William the Wild” Hightower may be past his prime, estranged from his family, and creatively blocked, but he’s still worshiped by fans—which is why he guards his privacy on his own island in the Florida Keys. He’s not thrilled about letting this crew turn his piece of paradise into a bed-and-breakfast for a reality show . . . though he is intrigued by Maddie. Hard as that is for her to believe as a newly single woman who can barely manage a dog paddle in the dating pool.

But whether it’s an unexpected flirtation with a bona fide rock star, a strained mother-daughter relationship, or a sudden tragedy, these women are in it together. The only thing that might drive them apart is being trapped on a houseboat with one bathroom . . .

I’ve read all of Wendy’s books before and each one I’ve really enjoyed. They are perfect summertime reads!

To enter, fill out this form below and I’ll choose and email the winner next Friday. Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Reading updates, TFIOS…..and a book giveaway!

  1. That’s one book/movie I’m avoiding with every fiber of my being. I don’t think I could make it through, no matter how well it was done 🙂


  2. Thanks Deborah for hosting this giveaway back in May when THE HOUSE ON MERMAID POINT was still a glimmer in my eye! I can’t believe on sale date is here. Congrats to Jenna of Falls Church, VA for winning THE HOUSE ON MERMAID POINT.


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