Adventures in Trying out New Food

One of the things I’m grateful about living up in the DC Metro area is the diversity of cultures in the area. I grew up being one of the few Asian families in my city. This meant that I mostly acclimated to your basic American culture which is fine. But one thing that I do love about being up here is being exposed to all sorts of different kinds of food.

I LOVE trying out new things to eat. Except for beef (which you can read about here about why I don’t eat it), I’m usually game to try any type of food at least once unless it physically makes me want to throw up. I understand that people are picky eaters or not very adventurous when it comes to eating. Some people also see food as just something for sustenance and not really something to spend a lot of effort, time, or money on. And that’s ok. But for me, I really enjoy seeking out new foods and learning all there is out there.

Whenever I go out to travel, unless I absolutely have to, I avoid chain restaurants as much as possible. Why go to a new place and eat exactly what you can eat back at home? Local and regional restaurants are always fun to try out as ethnic restaurants. It’s also fun to discover new places in your own home. Just like this past weekend when after church, my friends and I discovered a complete hole in the wall Salvadoran restaurant where we were the only non Spanish speakers in the entire place. (What happens when a white girl and two Asians walk into a bar?)

I’m going to admit right now, I don’t normally take pictures of my food while I eat. I will also freely admit that these aren’t high quality pics. But they are a good example of different types of food I have tried over the years that were new to me dishes and INSANELY delish.


Fried chicken and waffles with macaroni and cheese and green beans with candied lemon.


When in Louisiana one must try red beans and rice with sausage. The plate to the right is “extra sausage”. I thought it was going to be ground sausage so I asked for more. Now I know why the waitress looked at me weird.



A sampler of soups, one is she crab and the other alligator. I can’t remember the third alas.




Eating Korean food for the first time ever. Fried fish with all the side dishes (banchan)


You can’t see it (obvs) but inside the burrito is chorizo. Nom nom


Korean BBQ. Pork Belly and bulgogi are grilling.



Mongolian stir fry. With bacon. And done.


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Trying out New Food

  1. I love trying new/local food when we travel, too (when we can; since I’m Celiac, I can’t always safely eat just anywhere). We ate at a hole-in-the-wall Pakistani restaurant in Oklahoma City this week, the food was so good! And such a mismatch with the decor that I giggled the whole time. 😀


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