Cold Weather is the Best Time to Eat Ice Cream

This may be a be a personal preference but I think it’s the best preference.

Winter is the best time to eat ice cream.

“Whaaaaaat?” is what some of you probably are saying. Why on earth would you want to eat cold things when it’s already cold? Why would you want to make yourself colder? Isn’t summer the best time to do this?

I suppose logically that would make sense. If you’re hot, you’ll want something to cool yourself down. And granted, a cold drink is always refreshing especially on a hot sunny day and you’re sweating and your throat feels parched. There’s nothing like an ice cold beverage quenching your thirst when that happens.

But that’s also a beverage. Have you really tried eating ice cream when it’s hot outside. IT MELTS. And it gets into a puddle and soon you’re covered in a mess and you wonder, why did I just spend money buying this.

Seriously, this is why ice cream tastes better in the winter. THINGS DON’T MELT. Plus I think your taste buds are also heightened. I went out yesterday with some friends to eat some gelato. It was pretty freaking cold in Northern Virginia yesterday and the gelato place we went to happened to be located in an area where the wind was blowing SUPER hard. But guess what? It was the best darn gelato I’ve eaten in a long time. Did I feel colder after eating it? Actually no I didn’t. I felt refreshed though.

If you don’t like feeling cold then that’s your thing. That’s why hot drinks also exist during winter time. Actually it’s the best of both worlds. Because during the summer, no one REALLY wants a hot drink when it’s super hot outside. But during winter: you can have both.

Ice cream. Frozen yogurt. Milk shakes. Frozen custard. Gelato. Root beer floats. They all taste better in the winter.


For the Love of Superman Ice Cream

This weekend I received some news that made me highly excited.

I was told that there is Superman ice cream in Northern Virginia.

What the eff is Superman ice cream you ask?

Well it looks like this:


It has nothing to do the actual Superman or DC Comics. Just that the colors are blue, yellow, and red like Superman’s colors. Now that I think about it would be fitting that my favorite flavor of ice cream is geek related.

I first discovered this wondrous creation in a small ice cream shop in southwest Virginia several years ago. Normally I usually go for cookie dough ice cream or cookies and cream. But that fateful day, I decided to try something new and went with this multicolored ice cream without having any idea how it tasted.


It’s really hard to describe how it tastes other than FREAKIN AWESOME. Some people say it’s just vanilla in three different colors. Others say it’s three types of fruity flavors such as strawberry, banana (or lemon) and Blue Moon (no, not the beer). I say that it’s something you have to try for yourself. You may not like it (all those artificial colors, I know) but I think it’s just delicious.

Anyways, other than that one ice cream shop, the only other place I’ve been able to find it was at a ski resort in western Maryland.


(Yep, I know I look rough here. This was after a long, exhausting but quite fun tubing session.)

I was not expecting to find it and of course, I’m the weird person who was geeked to eat ice cream in freezing weather.

As it’s originally from Michigan and normally a Midwest thing, it’s nowhere to be found in stores or in any other local ice cream place I’ve been to. Every time I traveled for work, I would search in vain hoping that maybe one place would have it.

Now that I’ve received rumors that Superman ice cream is somewhat nearby this is the current dilemma. According to Google maps, the place that sells this ice cream is 20 miles away so it’s a 40 mile round trip.

How much do I love this ice cream? Is it worth the trip? So many factors to consider. Do I need to be in this area for anything else? How much is the ice cream? Can take home quantities be bought? Do they even have it in stock? Will it taste as good as I remembered it? Can I convince anyone to go out and get it with me? Do I feel geeky?

This is going to be a to be continued post. I will try to see if I can make it sometime during the summer.

Oh the anticipation.