Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I’ve been at my new job for a few months now. I’ve learned A LOT about working in a library since then but of course there’s still so much to learn. Ever since I started working at my new job, I feel like I get the same reaction from people who don’t seem to quite understand what happens in a library. I really enjoy my job and it’s a great feeling to be looking forward to going to work every day. But just like everything in life, there are several misconceptions that seem to be in everyone’s mind.

No. I don’t sit behind a desk and get to read all day.

No. Book are not on their way out.

Yes. I can show you how to use the printer or the copy machine.

No. I have not read all the books.

No. I am not threatened by ebooks or Netflix taking away our business.

Yes. I do enjoy being around people all day.

No. It is never boring. (Sitting behind a desk doing contracts all day sounds boring, IMHO)

No. I cannot ban the noisy teenagers.

Yes. We do accept donations.

No. We don’t want your moldy books or old textbooks.

No. I can’t sit here and show you how to use the Internet all day.

Yes. I love my job.


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