Being a girl who is a geek

I use an app called Timehop which tells me all my social media activity (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare) for up to 5 years ago. Sometimes it’s fun remembering things I forgot and reliving events, other times it’s a bit painful seeing what happened.

Thanks to the app, the other day I came across a Facebook post that I had written a year ago.

I am a girl. And I’m a geek.

I love all things about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I’m not afraid to admit that I know facts about all the James Bond movies, Indiana Jones trilogy (4th…what?), and pretty much anything about the Academy Awards. I want to learn more about all things Marvel, DC and anything comic book related. I love Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and Lost. I’m not a Trekkie but the new Star Trek movies makes me glad I’m a nerd. I read a crap ton and I want to read and learn more. I would play more video games if they didn’t make me nauseous (sad nerd face). I’m learning how awesome the world of tabletop gaming is. Swords and bows and arrows fascinate me and cosplaying is fun. Hawkeye is my geek crush. History and science are NEVER boring.

All this to say is that I’m a girl and I’m a geek. And I’m not ashamed of who I am.

I think I wrote this at a time when I was struggling with all my interests and my identity because I kept comparing myself to other women that I knew. Most of my girlfriends don’t share a lot of my interests though their boyfriends/husbands did and I felt weird that I was the odd one out, like there was something wrong with me and I had to justify myself.

A year has passed since that and I’m glad to say that thing are different. Sure, a lot of my girlfriends still don’t share those same interests and I still have much better talks about my interests with my guy friends. But you know what? It’s perfectly ok! There are obviously things I can’t talk about with my guy friends that I go to my girlfriends for. And then when I need to talk about the awesomeness of Pacific Rim, I have people for that.

This might sound really simple to most of you who have your interests and are perfectly fine with them. But for me, it’s taken years to find out my identity. And I’m proud of what I like and who I am. And if someone doesn’t find that attractive or at the very least interesting about me, then it’s kind of obvious that they aren’t meant for me.

Oh. I am also really sports too. Just saying, if you’re not into the geek stuff. We can also talk about sports.


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