Game Night!

What a typical game night with my friends and I looks like…

Another thing I’ve discovered as I’ve gotten older is the ever popular question of what to do at nights when you want to hang out with your friends but you don’t want to actually go out? The answer is then “Game Night!”

Back in the day, playing board games was seen as uncool because only adults or non cool people did it. Nowadays it’s become quite popular with folks my age to gather a group of people over and do some tabletop gaming.

Now there’s a difference between tabletop gaming and your classic board/party gaming. I have had game nights where we’ve had a rousing game of Pictionary that involved the white board being thrown off the easel, a lot of shouting (IT’S THAT THING!!! YOU KNOW??! THAT THING!! IT’S A TINY WORLD!!! *baffled looks from everyone*), and surprising amount of sweat.  Now while games like Monopoly or Scrabble (hmm, it’s a been a while with that one for me) can be fun, I’ve grown to prefer playing new types of games.

There’s your new types of party games such as Apples to Apples and Quelf.  Though I prefer playing The Big Bang Theory Party game, which really doesn’t have much to do with the show, and is basically a raunchier (but not Cards Against Humanity type level) version of Apples to Apples. Make sure you play the game with people who don’t get easily offended and can tolerate dirty humor. Quelf is a silly but fun game. I prefer playing in a larger group because if you play with just a few people, it goes by really fast. Another fun party game is called Funglish. It’s a word guessing games with tiles. Play this game with me and my friends and it will involve massive amounts of giggling and extreme moments of panicking (I’M SO STRESSED OUT RIGHT NOW!!! I CAN’T HANDLE THIS!!!).

Mainly though the games I’ve been playing lately are either deck card games or tabletop games. I will most likely go into more dedicated detailed posts later on, since there are so many that I like.  So here are a list of these two types of games that I’ve been introduced to and enjoy playing over the past few months.

Hmm there are more but their names are escaping me at the moment. And before you ask, I do not play Magic or D&D. Simply because I have not yet had the time (or money) to really invest into playing either.

I’m lucky because I live in an area with several good comic book/gaming stores that keep in stock a nice supply of different tabletop games that you normally can’t find in typical stores. They are a bit pricey though, so it’s also been awesome that I have several friends who are also into gaming so I can usually count on at least one person to get the game and then we all play. Playing these games can be challenging. They usually include instructions that read like a novel. If you want something fast, quick, and easy don’t play with us.  I also am lucky that I have a good group of friends who do enjoy this past time as well. Hence why they are my friends.

Two excellent sources for more information on tabletop gaming and the like:

Tabletop – a show hosted by actor Wil Wheaton that includes many of the games from my list played by him and his celebrity friends

BoardgameGeek – a huge database of everything gaming with news, reviews, and forums

What are some of your favorite tabletop games? Any ones you can recommend?


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