This is how the story begins

Hello and welcome!

For those of you who know me, yes I have decided to start blogging again.  For those who are new, welcome to what I hope will be a delightfully different experience for you.  I was a book blogger for six years at Books, Movies and Chinese Food.  In the course of those six years , my life changed drastically and eventually led to me giving up blogging.  But I’ve missed it.  So I’m back again.

This time though, it’s a little different.  The latest trend in Hollywood movies is rebooted films.  According to Wikipedia:  “In serial fiction, to reboot means to discard all continuity in an established series in order to recreate the series’ continuity from the beginning.”  I feel that pretty much describes my life.  I’ve been given a second chance, an opportunity to have a reboot in my life. So that’s what this blog is.  Where I’m starting over and recreating everything from the beginning.

This new blog launches today, on my 30th birthday.  While I’m not where I originally thought I was going to be at 30,  I’m happy to be on this new adventure.   Tonight  I’m going out tonight with 6 of my closest friends to celebrate my birthday and it’s going to be awesome.

There are still a bunch of things I’m figuring out with this blog (ie I’m still working on tweaking the final design and look of the blog) but I’m ready to write.   I have a tentative schedule so you know what to expect.

Mondays – Randomness (whatever happens to be going on in my head. if you follow me on Twitter, you will understand)

Wednesdays – Serious Pondering (topics include faith, singleness, emotions, you know all those fun contemplative things)

Fridays – Geek Day! (where I talk about things that interest me:  movies, comics, books, anything Geek related)

Now before you all start shouting “tl;dr!”, I’ll close out today by saying, I’m excited to be blogging again.  I hope you’ll stick around for this next adventure in my life, and we’ll see where it goes from here.


3 thoughts on “This is how the story begins

  1. Happy birthday and welcome back to blogging. I’ve also taken a long hiatus from blogging and plan to get back into the habit soon. I’ve missed being able to write, communicate and discuss random things with other bloggers. Good luck!


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