These are a few of my favorite feelings

Don’t lie. You know you love when these things happens. Or else you’re just weird.

(This is probably going to be the most Buzzfeed type of post you’ll ever see on here so apologies in advance but….it’s also my blog, my rules right?)

When you get home from work and can take off your pants.

When you are famished and you eat those first few bites of food.

When you get to that rest stop because you drank too much coffee to keep you up during your road trip.

When you finally brush your teeth to get rid of that icky morning feeling.

When you can just give into a nap and not have to fight to keep yourself awake.

When you find a blanket to pull over you to give you insta-warmth.

When you get butterflies in your stomach because your crush responds in a positive way.

When you genuinely are laughing out loud and can’t stop.

It’s the best isn’t it?