Dreams, they don’t always come true

I kid you not, I woke up the other morning and dreamed up this entire blog post. Like I had it fully visualized and thought of as soon as I opened my eye. I even grabbed frantically for a notepad near my bed so I could write down what was going to be the greatest blog post ever known to man. But as fate would have it, I couldn’t find a pen without getting out of bed, got frustrated, , decided it wasn’t worth it and went back to sleep. When I woke up a few hours later, I could only remember what I have just written.

Dreams have a funny way of doing things to you. I have some friends who can’t remember anything once they wake up and then I have some friends who remember every detail from their dream, it’s almost like they are making it up but actually they just have that superpower to recall their dreams.

I have a recurring dream about an almost empty, dying mall. There are lots of stairs that look somewhat like this:stairs

It’s not completely abandoned. There are a few stores left but I’d say at least half the mall if not more is closed. You’ll be walking through it and the stores are open, people are in there, business is happening. But as you get further down, you’ll notice that there are a lot of boarded up storefronts and empty shops. It’s super quiet but in an eerie quiet, like you’re not supposed to be down there type of feeling.

Anyways that is a recurring dream of mine. I’m not into analyzing dreams though I’m sure it means something. It’s just really interesting how vivid it stands out to me. I frequently dream in color. There’s also been a dream where I knew that if I were to open the cabinet door I was going to wake up immediately in real life and the dream would end. I was fully aware of returning back to the real world once I did it. I delayed it for a bit and then finally gave in. Immediately I woke up completely wide awake and not a bit drowsy. That was both awesome and weird all at the same time. I also have those Inception dreams all the time, where I wake up and I’m still IN the dream.

I know there are some folks who believe that God speaks to them through dreams. After all, He did so in the Bible with Joseph and Daniel just to name a few. I don’t think I’m one of those people however. I do believe that God speaks to me through other ways but I don’t think dreams are my forte. If so then I would have been married to JTT years ago and the world will end in 1 billion years. That being said, I know God can use dreams to show things to you. You might chalk it up to your mind being relaxed or an overactive imagination but sometimes what’s bothering you or what you need to focus on will come right at you.

And let’s not even talk about nightmares…

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