I hate this so you must too!

I was reading a blog post the other day from an author whose books that I enjoy. She’s very opinionated when she writes on her blog and she really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. If she loves something, she’s a freaking evangelist for whatever it is. But if she hates it? She definitely hates it then and she’s not afraid to let you know how much she despises it. You can leave comments trying to defend it if you are a fan of it but it doesn’t really matter because she’s made up her mind and it’s not going to change.

Part of me wishes that I could be like that. To say whatever I wanted to without regard to anything. To be the type of person where it doesn’t matter if it leaves an online trail back to me. To not care if I offend other people for disliking something they like.

Everyone knows the things that I love because I enjoy talking about them. Really, at this point if you have no idea that I like The Beatles, Hawkeye, books, or getting free things, then obviously this must be your first day on this blog or you just met me today. Talking about the things I love is easy because even if someone dislikes what I like, I’m confident enough in my likes that it doesn’t matter what someone else says and they can’t really dissuade me from my interests, (unless it’s an extreme case where my life is in jeopardy but that’ll be pretty rare).

But when it comes to things I don’t like? I’ve talked about before how it feels sometimes like some people are just VERY LOUD in their opinions and I just don’t say anything because I know they won’t hear me. And when they do this about stuff they don’t like, I’m sometimes not sure if it’s to see if anyone will agree with them, to try to convert people, or just to try to be different to get attention. If I ever do it, it’s usually for the first one, mainly to see that I’m not alone in how I feel. But I really don’t want to do the other two. I honestly try to figure out first why don’t I like this certain thing when it seems like everyone else does.

For example I do a “Fandoms I just don’t get” feature every now and then on this blog. In it, I write about popular trends I just can’t get into. But it’s not because I think they are stupid and I am condemning them instantly. I’ve usually tried to get into and do research before I give up on it completely. Plus I never make fun of or diss anyone who does enjoy them.

People who are brave enough to publicly diss things and people are just that….brave. I think I’d rather personally talk about my dislikes vs blast them out in a public forum where proper arguments can’t really be made.


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