It is now safe to listen to Christmas music

Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving is my lowest readership day of the year. Who can really blame folks? No one wants to sit around on the computer reading blogs.

But since it’s the day after Thanksgiving, it is now officially appropriate to listen to Christmas music and start getting excited for the holiday season. I refuse to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I cannot stand radio stations that switch to the “all holiday music all the time” prior to Thanksgiving. I mean seriously, if you can’t wait one more week then you’re just as bad as opening on Thanksgiving day.

Anywho, since it’s finally permissible I’ll just go ahead today and share with y’all some of my favorite versions of Christmas music. I realize that I have not included any religious Christmas songs on this list. It’s not because I don’t like those kinds of Christmas songs (because I do) but it’s more so that I don’t have any specific favorite versions of them. I just like them all especially when sung at church.

Baby, Please Come Home by Hanson

Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World

All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by ‘N Sync

All Alone on Christmas by Darlene Love

I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Josh Groban

Heh. I realize a lot of these songs have to do with being single on Christmas or wanting to be with someone on Christmas. Completely not intentional at all.

Welcome to the Christmas season.


One thought on “It is now safe to listen to Christmas music

  1. YES!! This times eleventy three!

    Christmas music is not allowed until after Thanksgiving but starting Friday morning – it’s pretty much non-stop until New Years.

    Every year I try add one new album to my collection. This year it’s going to be Pentatonix new one.


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