Another one to cross off my list

I found out this week that Josh Groban is dating Kat Dennings.

While I am understandably heartbroken at the fact that he didn’t choose me, it is ok. I am happy that he is finally publicly dating someone again and he seems happy as well.

I’ve had many celeb crushes over the years and I’ve just gotten used to the fact that I will never end up with any of them.

So today, I will just feature my celeb crushes that just were not meant to be.

Adam Banks from The Mighty Ducks (Vincent LaRusso)

Spot Conlon from Newsies (Gabriel Damon)

Benny ‘The Jet’ Rodriguez from The Sandlot (Mike Vitar)


Devon Sawa (Casper, Little Giants, Now and Then)

Mark Paul Gosselaar

Who were your crushes growing up?


One thought on “Another one to cross off my list

  1. Childhood/highschool crushes:
    Guy Patterson (Tom Everett Scott) from That Thing You Do)
    Anne from Anne of Green Gables
    Puddleglum from The Silver Chair
    Bud Caldwell from Bud, Not Buddy
    Meg from Wrinkle in Time
    Denzel Washingtion
    Frightful from My Side of the Mountain
    Vicky Austin from A Ring of Endless Light
    Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird
    Walt Whitman
    Gregory Peck
    My current crushes would probably include:
    Kerry Washington
    Langston Hughes
    Jacqueline Woodson
    Kate Chopin
    Ann Leckle
    Brandon Sanderson
    Billy Collins


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