Bring on the Sweater Weather

Today is the last official day of summer. All you people who want to argue that summer ended the day after Labor Day, fine you can have shorter vacation time. You’re probably all the people who want Christmas in July too!

*ASIDE* For the record I just want to point out that I have a summer birthday. Yes it falls in the month of September but it’s so close to the beginning of the month that it’s WELL before autumn equinox and so early that sometimes it falls BEFORE Labor Day and school starting (for those who start school AFTER Labor Day). But September birthdays always get shafted in schools. Teachers will sometimes honor those who have birthdays that fall in June, July, and August. But September birthdays NEVER get mentioned. We’re not included in the summer birthdays because it happens during the school year but come the beginning of school, the teachers are so busy with back to school stuff they forget. Therefore it pays to have October-May birthdays for maximum recognition potential. *END ASIDE*

I do enjoy fall coming. This means cooler weather! Sweaters! Boots! Leather jackets! Scarf appropriate weather! Apple picking! Football! Bonfires! School starting! Leaves falling! No more allergies!

Confession: I’m not a big pumpkin flavor person. It’s ok in small doses. I just never really grew up eating pumpkin so forgive me that I’m not very excited for the pumpkin spice latte (plus when it comes out in August it really does not excite me).

Fall also means that the holiday season will be coming soon. I don’t want to rush things but I think that September through December are the best months of the year because there’s so many things to look forward to. Also fall and winter scents > spring and summer scents. I mean spices and apples vs… grass?

However as much as I love the change in season, historically for me fall has always been a rough time. The past couple of years the change in weather brings along changes in my life, usually ones that I’m not too fond of and it makes me have to go reevaluate how I’m going handle everything. I usually spend much of September and October kind of in a funk and they are usually very hard months emotionally for me. The summers had always been so awesome and then fall comes and everything changes and it leaves me feeling anxious and worried about what’s going to happen next.

This year I’m hoping however to avoid that. It has been a good summer, different from previous years, but still it’s been an awesome summer where I was very blessed. The upcoming changes ahead seem to be good ones too. I’m going to try my best to enjoy this time of year and everything that comes along with it. And that includes pumpkin flavored beers and zombie 5k runs. Because just because things have to change doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the good stuff that will come along with the new season in life.


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