What is Deborah Geeking Over This Week Vol. 4

Here’s this week’s edition of what I’ve been excited over:

Yes. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy for the fourth time this week. I had a free birthday pass and none of the current movies playing was of any interest. But this is such an awesome movie that it was just as good the fourth time as the first three times. And in case you’re wondering, I still have seen The Avengers more times.

Just saw The Maze Runner last night at a free advanced screening. Interesting concept, enjoyed about 90% of the execution. If I was a teenage girl, it’d be eye candy heaven. At any rate, I think I want to read the books.

I also want to shout out that the Alamo Drafthouse is the best theater ever and if you have one in your region, you need to stop going to all those other big chains. Seriously.

Sadly my exact meal from Cracker Barrel but it was pretty freakin close. There are some of you who will disagree but nothing says comfort food like a meal from them.

I think I just discovered my new favorite beer. It tastes nothing like beer but more like juice. “Like communion juice!” as one of my friends put it. Seriously it’s deliciously tasty and refreshing on a hot late summer day. Yes, you may think it’s girly but I don’t care.

I went out and got fitted for new running shoes. These from New Balance have made a big difference and my feet don’t hurt as much. Also pretty $$ but it’s an investment right?

One of my birthday gifts was a giant jar of Nutella and well…it may already be half gone……


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