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New Found Glory (album)

New Found Glory (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve talked about how I am a huge Beatles fan. I also have mentioned how I am now a Josh Groban fan but I haven’t really listened to his music. Well at least until yesterday.

Other than The Beatles, my music taste has both varied and stayed pretty constant. I am the type of person that likes a song and not necessarily a band and their entire catalog. Going through my mixed CDs over the years you would probably find many bands/groups only listed once or twice simply because I enjoyed that one song of theirs but never ventured into anything else.

I was having a discussion the other day with a friend about music we listened to in high school and how it made us feel really old. And then I saw an ad pop up on my Facebook sidebar promoting a concert with 4 bands I like in high school being held in Maryland next month and I realized how most of the bands are now in their late 30s or pushing early 40s. And I’m like….oof, gosh this makes me feel ancient. (Especially after reading this article on Buzzfeed.)

But then I decided let’s take a stroll down memory lane and go back to 2001-2003. Back when I was 18-20, these were bands I listened to. I went to Warped Tour in 2001 as well as other numerous shows of this nature (ah The Boathouse, I miss thee). was one of my favorite websites. And I wore a studded belt. Yes, I listened to a lot of pop punk/emo music.

I realize that there’s a good chance the majority of you won’t recognize these bands because you don’t listen to this type of music. But that’s ok.

So here we go:

New Found Glory was one of my favorite bands during this time period. To this day, I still love their first four albums with their self titled one being one of absolute favorites of all time. I saw them about 4 times in concert. The last time I went though, I was quite sad because at the age of 20 I was one of the oldest people at the show and the kids there didn’t even know this song.

Saves the Day was the first non Beatles album that I ever bought. I was a freshman in college and I went to the mall to the record store and paid for Stay What You Are, with a check!

I got introduced to Alkaline Trio because of a boy I liked at the time. (Which is pretty much a good reason why I liked most of these bands TBH). This is my favorite of all their songs, though I prefer the version on the Vagrant Records sampler (if you know which one I mean, you rock).

I didn’t really like AFI too much, but I loved this song.

I saw Something Corporate in concert with New Found Glory and I loved how they used the piano/keyboard. Ah this just brings back memories.

This song by the Get Up Kids….to this day it’s one of my go to songs for just kicking back.

And this was just a brief sample of what I used to listen to back in the day, and still sometimes today. I hope that was a fun trip down memory lane for you as well (or I just introduced you to some new bands).

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