2014 will be the summer of Deborah fangirling at concerts

Yesterday, I woke up to an email from Wolf Trap announcing the first names in their summer concert schedule. And to my absolute delight, two of the names on their list included…..Ringo Starr and Josh Groban.

Much fangirling then commenced. Aka loud gasps, a shriek, and fistpumps.

Last summer I saw Paul McCartney when he came to Nationals Stadium and it was a dream come true. Ever since I became a Beatles fan, one of my goals was to see a Beatle before they died. And last year that happened and it was so totally awesome. If he is able to another show in this area, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

Ringo Starr and all his band

Ringo Starr and all his band (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)

So imagine my glee when I find out that it’s possible for me to see another Beatle in concert the very next year! I could have a complete set! Now truth be told, Ringo is my least favorite of the Fab Four and I barely know his solo stuff, unlike Paul’s which I know about 75% of. He did come to my hometown years ago but I had to miss it and I honestly thought I’d miss out on the opportunity again. Now that he’s coming, I have a feeling that I definitely am going to have to make this concert. I imagine it’ll probably be like one big sing a long like Paul’s was. Confession: I will probably get a lawn seat though. But still. I’ll be seeing ANOTHER BEATLE. BACK TO BACK! START THE SCREAMING!!!!!

And then…Josh Groban is coming. JOSH GROBAN IS COMING! And he’ll be here for not one…but TWO shows! Ok ok. You can stop rolling your eyes. I know you are.

Josh Groban

“But Deborah, you don’t even listen to his music and no the Christmas album does not count.”

Hey – to that argument I have all his albums currently in my car. Granted the Christmas album is the only one I’ve listened to but still, I will get to the rest eventually.

“Deborah, you only just started liking him a few months ago and that may have been for dubious reasons.”

Just because I did and if I did does not diminish the fact that it’d be cool to see him live. I’ve done this with other bands, I like them for a few months and then I went to their shows.

“You’re actually willing to spend money to see a guy that you don’t listen to his music and you only like because of Twitter?”

Yep. Indeed. Your judgmental ways will not ruin this happy occasion!

So yes. Josh Groban is coming for TWO nights in August. (I wonder what he’s doing during the day, no I am not going to find out) Perhaps reasons will come out later but I’m actually a bit surprised that he is. He doesn’t have a new album coming out and as far as I know other than one random show up in Boston, no other shows have been announced for the rest of the summer. So there doesn’t seem to be a huge tour. And plus, he’s coming here for TWO nights. Other than, they can get more money out of people, that seems surprising to me. I’m not questioning any of this. Perhaps it’s just fate. I’m kidding. Stop the eye rolling again.

But I mean…after this happened…


I actually think I might get real seats for this show. I like to try to win tickets or something but I have no idea what radio station would give them away since he has that weird music that doesn’t actually play on radio except for Christmas. I also have no idea what a concert of his will be like. Do people sit there? Do they stand? Do they sing along? Is it mostly older women? We will find out.

Anywhos, Ringo + Josh Groban = one very happy summer.

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