Celeb Fangirling: The Tom Hiddleston Edition

If you know me any, then you know I love me some Brits.

Did you see that Superbowl commercial about the British villains?

Do you see who one of the stars is in that video?

That’s right. Tom Hiddleston.

Apparently I was introduced to Tom years ago back in 2008 when I watched a movie called Miss Austen Regrets and he appears as a suitor to Jane Austen’s niece.

But it wasn’t until 2012 when I began to fully appreciate him. Marvel’s The Avengers was about to come out and I needed to backtrack to Thor to catch up. Now there are many reasons why I really like that movie (Hawkeye introduction being one of them) but Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki really got to me. If you read the comics, you’re not supposed to like Loki. He’s a boss villain. He’s evil. He’s manipulative. He’s a trickster. He’s not a good guy AT ALL. And yet in that movie, you cannot help but feel sorry for Loki.  (Unless you have a heart of stone, you weirdo.) All thanks to Hiddles’ fantastic acting to garner sympathy for the character which then continues in the Avengers movie. No I don’t agree with Loki’s actions or decisions, but once again I know WHY he’s doing it. And Hiddles’ plays it up with such perfection that I want to give him a hug. And he has fabulous hair to boot in the movies.

But disregarding all that. He’s so many other things as well. He does Shakespeare. He does historical drama. He does vampires. Basically he’s REALLY good at everything he does. And he’s really funny too.

But instead of me talking about it let me show you why Tom Hiddleston worthy of fangirling?

Because things like this:

And this:

And this (I recommend closing your eyes as you listen to the soothing tones):

I could go on but I think you get the point by now.

Hiddles is a fantastic actor. Sure he’s also quite good looking, but once again it’s the humor and the being really good at what you can do that make him worthy of admiration From Shakespeare to super heroes, he’s fantastic is whatever he does. I mean how could you not love someone who does this?


2 thoughts on “Celeb Fangirling: The Tom Hiddleston Edition

  1. He is a gorgeous man and that commercial was definitely the best thing about the Super Bowl. I felt like it could have been even more perfect with Benedict Cumberbatch, but Jaguar probably figured they couldn’t be liable for anymore exploding fangirl ovaries.


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