You Never Forget Your First


This week, my posts will be taking a look back at 2013 and looking forward to 2014. Wednesday’s post will be a deep thinking serious look back at 2013 while Friday’s post will be about how geeky 2013 was for me.

2013 held a lot of firsts for me. It was a very good year to try out things it seemed.

After going through my Facebook feed (because there is no way I can look at all my tweets from this past year), in no particular order here’s a list of things that I did for the first time this year

  • Turned 30
  • Trying hookah
  • Learned how to play Dungeons and Dragons
  • Had my car spin on ice and get damaged
  • Bought my first computer on my own
  • Played an April Fool’s Day prank on one of my closest friends
  • Had a job interview at ThinkGeek (didn’t get the job, but getting the interview was awesome)
  • Saw a Beatle (Paul McCartney) in concert
  • Made the initiative to get to know some awesome new friends
  • Took my friend to SuperH Mart for the first time
  • Saw and met Chris Hardwick
  • Ate Korean food for the first time
  • Did a scavenger hunt in DC
  • Got together a team of supergeeks to participate in a Geek Trivia Contest
  • Got into tabletop gaming like whoa
  • Had someone pay it forward for me at a toll booth
  • Hit a deer
  • Bought a car
  • Learned how to play Magic: The Gathering
  • Smoked a cigar
  • Became Internet Famous by Think Geek
  • Started a new blog and bought a domain name
  • Had to say goodbye to our family dog
  • Received my first cubicle with name tag
  • Participated in my first murder mystery
  • Had my first chai latte
  • Signed up for online dating (well, sort of)
  • Bought my first pair of skinny jeans
  • Started wearing scarves as an accessory
  • Took a lot more risks

That’s quite a lot of things. I’m quite proud of myself for doing so many new things and not just keep sticking to the same old thing. It’s been an interesting year and I’m looking forward to trying out even more things in the following year. There’s still a bunch of new things I want to do next year (ie. learning how to shoot arrows *cough cough*) so here’s to all the new things to try out in 2014.


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