Random Things that Popped in my Head During Thanksgiving Weekend

So to wrap up the holiday weekend, here’s another edition of Random Thoughts: Thanksgiving version

  • I hate the I-95 corridor in the DC area. It took 2 hours just to go from Fairfax to Fredericksburg alone on Wednesday afternoon. TWO HOURS.  And why does everyone magically disappear once you hit Fredericksburg?
  • Why is Northern Virginia a black hole for Sonic Drive-ins? The closest ones are at least over an hour away.
  • Why are Sonic drinks so tasty? Is it because we don’t have them around that makes them so craveable? (Dang it, I want one now)
  • Butterball told us that for four people who are big eaters and want leftovers, you should get a 8 lb turkey. We got a 16lb.
  • My family really enjoys Thanksgiving. It is the one day of the year, we purposefully don’t eat rice. Instead we have at least three types of potatoes: mashed, sweet, scalloped.
  • It’s been a tradition in our house for over 25 years to watch the Macy’s Parade from start to finish.
  • And then we watch the dog show that comes after. We always root for the pug. We always get disappointed every year.
  • The last time I went Black Friday shopping, Circuit City still existed.
  • I forgot how many children show up during matinee viewings. Which would make sense if one goes to see a Disney animated film.
  • The Kung Fu Panda series is my family’s favorite non Pixar animated series. It may have something to do with the fact we can relate to them.
  • We like to put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving while listening to Hanson’s Snowed In Christmas album and eating rice krispy treats.
  • I have an ornament from first grade of a gingerbread man that STILL smells like gingerbread. That’s almost 25 years of STILL having its scent.
  • Home is where your pug is. And when your pug has gone, to help ease the pain you use a paper bag in the corner and just pretend he’s snoozing.
  • When visiting rest areas, if there are two or more rooms, choose the one furthest away. Cleaner and less people.
  • Traveling up on Saturday, while can be less stressful than driving up on Sunday, is still a PITA on I-95 North.
  • Hence why I stopped at Sonic again.

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend. December is basically a wash month. Everyone’s just waiting for Christmas.


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