Random Things that Pop in My Head During Worship


I’m not ashamed to admit that I love worshiping in church.  I really enjoy the songs that my church sings and the music is awesome.  I’m not going to lie though.  Sometimes random things just pop in my head while I’m worshiping. Now before you start going all  “Do whatever you want to do, no one is going to judge you”, these are just things that randomly pop up in my head.

  • When the lyrics talk about “lifting hands”, is that the right time for me to raise my hands? Should I wait until that moment?
  • When the lyrics talk about “opening our eyes” should my eyes be open and looking up? Is it weird if I’m singing with my eyes closed during those lyrics?
  • When the lyrics talk about standing/rising up and it happens to be when the congregation is sitting down, should we be standing up? What if we want to stay seated?  That awkward moment when one person stands up first and then everyone else slowly gets up looking like they should have done it already.
  • I totally understand that ushers need to get people into their seats but I swear every time I start really getting into worship, I’m always interrupted to move over or let people in.  It totally ruins the mood.  And don’t even start about how I should have moved into the center of the aisle to start with. I GOT THERE FIRST. (#firstworldproblems I know.)
  • I know that it shouldn’t matter how a person sounds as long as they are worshiping earnestly, but it is rude to switch seats if the person behind you is screeching so loud you can’t concentrate?
  • I’ve always been slightly curious as to what would happen if someone drops both the juice tray AND the crackers during communion.

Yes, my mind does tend to think of weird things in church.  Don’t be fooled though. I am just as good as focusing as well.


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