Fantastic! Allons-y! Geronimo!

1175475_10151676307443505_1584274408_nIn my never ending quest to make myself more knowledgeable of geek pop culture, I knew I was feeling left out when it seemed everyone around me was talking about Doctor Who and I didn’t know what they were talking about.  And let me be the first to say, I hate feeling left out. I mean to me, David Tennant was a very bad Barty Crouch Jr. (not his fault, the character was destroyed in the movie), Tom Baker had always been Puddlegum from the BBC version of The Silver Chair, and Christopher Eccleston was just the serious guy in all the British movies.  I actually had no idea they were part of the Doctor Who universe.

And then one night, while hanging out with a friends during a movie tonight, a certain @theharmonyguy decided that showing the episode “Blink” would be good, clean fun and nice short way to introduce a bunch of us to the series.  Little did he realize that (or didn’t think actually) that even though it’s a great episode to show non-Whovians, IT IS THE #@&*!! SCARIEST THING EVER. Seriously, after watching that episode (which I highly recommend even if you don’t watch the show) I was freaked out by statues for weeks.  Even over a year after watching that episode AND being sucked into the show, it still scares me! (Note to future self: do not watch it late at night)

But it accomplished his purpose, now I was intrigued.  I started watching the revived series since it was on Netflix (bless you Netflix) and my first doctor was the Ninth Doctor.  And you never forget your first Doctor.  Oh Christopher Eccleston, I had no idea you could smile and laugh without looking sadistic or crazy.  I’m currently in the beginning the sixth series (Matt Smith-era) and the goal is to be all caught up before the 50th anniversary special.  This will hopefully be accomplished if 1) Netflix adds series 7 to streaming, 2) Amazon Prime adds series 7 part 2 to their streaming, 3) the library gets the DVDs of series 7 in before that date.  Let me also say that watching an episode of this between episode of Breaking Bad is the best way to watch both series. The perfect balance of heaviness with something more lighter.

I’ll go into more detail in future on certain aspects of Doctor Who that I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy but for some quick takes on what I think so far:

  • Martha is my favorite companion, followed by Donna.  Rose just annoyed me after a while.  Still not quite sure how I feel about Amy yet.
  • Totally could understand how Martha felt. What she says when she leaves the Doctor, I was like “OMG THAT IS ME.”
  • I really like it when they bring back stuff from the classic Doctor Who era.
  • I cheered when Peter Capaldi showed up in “The Fires of Pompeii” episode (THE TENTH DOCTOR JUST SAVED THE TWELFTH DOCTOR!!”
  • How many times is Rory going to die and come back to life?
  • Also, I totally swooned when Rory waited 2000 years for Amy. I WANT A RORY.
  • River Song’s story is interesting and I haven’t even really scratched the surface with it yet.
  • Time travel is confusing.  Then again it’s all a bunch of “wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff”.
  • I’m still not sure how I feel about Matt Smith.
  • David Tennant’s departure made me sob like a baby. And yes I know how certain people feel about it.
  • Jack Harkness totally looks like a younger Tom Cruise.  Oh and fun fact: when I went to DragonCon last year, while I was standing in line to meet Billy Boyd, John Barrowman was signing behind us and we turned around and next thing we know, he’s standing on top of the table, pulling his pants down and showing off his briefs.  He turns around and looks at us, and we’re both like WTF.  Though now, it totally makes complete sense.
  • The show is just fun.  It’s honestly one of the more fun shows I’ve watched in a while.

So, if you are a fellow Whovian, who’s your favorite Doctor? Who was your first Doctor? Favorite Companion? Favorite Monster?  Or do you just want to talk about the show? Because I am totally willing to do so with you.


2 thoughts on “Fantastic! Allons-y! Geronimo!

  1. Eccleston was my first doctor, but Tennant is my favorite. I’d seen some episodes of each of the three new ones, but never in order, so we watched all of nu!Who this spring. My favorite companion is Donna, followed by Martha. I like Donna best because she’s older and more self-confident. She knows who she is, and being the Doctor’s Companion only adds to it, instead of changing her completely. Her ending KILLS ME, obviously. But this leads me to WHY I love Doctor Who so much: The Doctor is flawed. He does all kinds of things that are ambiguous or downright wrong. Taking Donna’s memories was one of the most horrible things I’d seen. It makes him so believable. I’m more willing to root for an imperfect character who tries to right the wrongs he’s done than a perfect character. And I wish he’d shown more remorse over what he’d done to her, but that’s just my opinion – as it stands, it adds another layer to him.

    Clearly, i have opinions.


    • One of my favorite moments with Donna is when she decides to become a full time companion and the Doctor is worried bc both Rose and Martha had been in love with him and he tells Donna “I Just want a mate” and she hears it as “You just want to mate?????!!” and the look on her face is priceless.

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