Officially now a member of the 3-0 club.

I swear this blog is not going to constantly me talking about being thirty.  Otherwise this blog would have been named “A Girl Who Is 30”. And since it is not, I will not be doing this on a normal basis.  However as last week WAS my birthday and since this was a milestone birthday, I will indulge myself one more time talking about it.

I’ve entered the 3-0 club, Like I’ve been telling everyone who’s asked me “How does it feel to be 30?”, I still feel the same, though that might change when I hit 31.  Anywho, since it was the big 3-0, I had two birthday celebrations with my friends.  On my actual birthday, my closest friends and I went to an Italian restaurant where we had delish Italian food and a very entertaining birthday song thanks to our waiter.

Then last night we had the big party and celebrated with an 80s theme.  That meant folks came decked out in fluorescent colors, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, bangles, and slap bracelets.  We had the preppy look, Magnum PI, Marty McFly, Miami Vice, The Karate Kid, and Top Gun going…and that was just the guys! It was a blast.  We played Twister, socialized, danced to 80s music, sat around the fire pit while wearing our “Sunglasses at Night”.  My friends also clearly know I’m a geek based on the presents I got (Star Wars, Hawkeye, Doctor Who, Batman, Breaking Bad). I wonder where they got that idea from.

I think the best part for me the past week is that I realized how much my friends care about me.  There are times when I feel completely alone and it’s the most awful feeling in the world, but I know it’s not true; I know that it’s all a deception.  I clearly saw how much people wanted to be there for me.  From where I was a few years ago, this is a complete turnaround.  And realizing THAT was the best birthday present I could ever have.


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