You Say It’s Your Birthday? Get Some Free Stuff For It.

It’s that magical time of year when my inbox is flooded with free and discount offers because…..it’s my birthday week!.We all know how much I like/am good at getting free things.

Like I’ve said before, if you like a business and visit them frequently, check to see if they have an email mailing list. If you don’t want to use your main email address, just make a new one specifically for these to get sent to. Many of these places send out a really good deal just for joining, either a free item or a buy 1 get 1 free. They also ask when your birthday is, just the day not the year in case you’re worried about that. And more often than not, it’s totally worth it.

There are lots of websites where you can find huge lists of places that do this. I’m just merely talking about my own personal experience this week.

First off, this is not a bragging post by all means. Just wanted to share in all the awesome stuff that’s happened.Some of these were completely free (not even charged for tax!), others required a small purchase.

  • Free bakery item (I chose apple pie) from Corner Bakery
  • Free burrito (with drink purchase) from Baja Fresh
  • Free scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins
  • Free entree (and coffee!) from First Watch
  • Free shake (with entree purchase) from Chee burger Chee burger
  • $5 off an entree at Jason’s Deli (I got the salad bar so my total was $3 and some change)

Things I’m going to be redeeming this week:

  • Free beverage/food from Starbucks
  • Free bowl of noodles from Noodles and Company
  • Free sub and drink from Jersey Mike’s
  • Free burger from Ruby Tuesday
  • Free burger from Red Robin
  • Free milkshake from The Counter
  • Free smoothie from Tropical Smoothie
  • $5 coupon from DSW

Supposedly I should also be getting free makeup from Sephora and Ulta as well as a free movie ticket from the Alamo Drafthouse. I’m also waiting to see if some other companies that have sent things in the past will continue their free birthday offerings.

I’ve been doing this for several years now and it’s interesting to see how some of the restaurants have drastically reduced what they offer. Some places used to offer completely free things and now it’s down to b1g1. Some did the b1g1 and now it’s buy 1 get 1 1/2 off. To me, that really isn’t worth going out for unless you had already planned on it.

One downside is that some places assume that you’ll be celebrating your birthday with other people. While that is most likely true for the majority of people, that’s not always going to happen. Yes, I know businesses want to make more money and birthdays usually mean more than one person is going to come in and buy a meal. But sometimes that just doesn’t happen. I usually avoid the sit down restaurants anyways if I’m eating myself for my birthday. They’re the ones that tend to bring out the song and dance routine and make a big fuss.

Anywho, all this to say that I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that if you like getting free stuff and you like getting free stuff on your birthday, you should take advantage of all this. It’s nice to get something for free simply because you’re turning older.


DragonCon or The Geekiest Thing I Ever Did

I’m looking through my Twitter and Facebook feeds and all I’m seeing right now is non stop talk about DragonCon which starts today in Atlanta. I know most of you have heard about the San Diego Comic Con, even if you just have some vague interest in entertainment. DragonCon is not as industry prominent like SDCC( which is like the Holy Grail of all cons and is on my bucket list to attend one day.) but it’s still huge and TONS of fun and I’m super jealous of everyone that is going this year. And it made me nostalgic of my trip two years ago.

In August 2012, after much persuasion from a close friend, I made the decision to travel down to Atlanta and go to Dragon Con. This was a big thing for me. Prior to 2011, I had never heard of Dragon Con before. I learned about it that year from a coworker who went down there and after hearing about her excitement over it, I researched it myself. At the time I thought, well that sounds like fun, but I’ll never get to do that myself. And then I met someone who became one of my best friends and who also had gone to Dragon Con and had such a blast and somehow persuaded me to go. Best decision I made. It was also my birthday weekend.

A lot of planning went into making the trip. First off, Atlanta is about a ten hour drive from the DC area. And that’s what we did. Let me tell you, it’s a good thing we’re close and get along extremely well because that is a VERY LONG ROAD TRIP. There’s also a lot of planning of trying to figure out what hotels to get and where. We ended up staying outside of Atlanta in Decatur because we figured we’d just use the hotel for sleep and it was SO much more cheaper than staying IN the city. Yes, it was a bit of a drive but we spent about $70 a night split between 3 people vs at least $400+ per night.

As I’ve talked about before, I decided to cosplay as Katniss. This was before The Hunger Games movie had come out and while there were pictures of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from the trailer, it was really more based on what I thought she was in my imagination. I had been nervous about whether people would recognize me and was thrilled that a lot of people did! I met an Effie (who was a guy) that was extremely well done and talked to me in character. And lots of girls wanted their pics with me. Someone even recognized me from the back, based on my braid and quiver. It was fabulous! I ended up wearing my costume two days because it was so much fun. Plus while it’s recognizable, it’s totally wearable and comfortable and doesn’t feel like it’s an actual costume, aside from the box and arrows, which loved carrying around.

I went down there not just to hang out with my friend or even to see celebrities. I wanted to go to as many panels as possible to make the most of my trip. There’s so many different tracks you can go to. Pretty much anything sci fi, fantasy, comics, movies, books, etc. I knew I wanted to go to things that were Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, young adult fiction, British, etc. even though it would mean going on my own and not with my friends. Which was fine because I think it showed that I actually wanted to be there and wasn’t just tagging along. I made up a spreadsheet before I left though I didn’t end up using it because there was SO much to see and do.

Highlights of my trip:

  • Went to panel to hear John Rhys Davies, Billy Boyd and Craig Parker talk about Lord of the Rings.
  • Got to meet and get autograph of Billy Boyd as my birthday present.
  • Went to panel to hear Dean Cain speak
  • Went to panel to hear Adam West and Burt Ward speak
  • Met Adam West and Burt Ward
  • Met Steven Yuen from The Walking Dead (best conversation ever!). We talked about him being Asian but not having been cast in a stereotypical Asian role. Nicest guy ever!
  • Went to panel on young adult fiction covers.
  • Went to panel on the first Hobbit movie
  • Went to panel to hear LeVar Burton speak (BARELY got into that one)
  • Saw a burlesque show
  • Went to a panel on American Ninja Warrior
  • Went to a panel to hear Joss Whedon fans discuss The Avengers
  • Watched the parade and saw Stan Lee ride by
  • Standing in line for Billy Boyd and saw John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and Torchwood, though we didn’t know who he was at the time) stand up on a table and drop his pants.

I know there’s a ton of stuff I’m missing because I can’t remember it all. Just people watching was also a ton of fun. So many awesome costumes that you can tell people put in lots of time (and money) to create. Basically anything you could ever imagine was there.

I’m really sad that I lost a lot of my pictures when I transferred phones. I don’t even remember everything I had on there because there was so much stuff I had taken pics and I was like, oh I’ll just transfer them later! Nope, never making that mistake again.


(Our costumes, Katniss vs Sub-Zero. Fire vs Ice)

I can’t believe this is seriously all the pictures I personally have from our trip. Though now that I think about it, my friend took a lot of pics that he still has on his camera. Hmm.  All I have is my memories, many of them really good ones.

Anyways if you’ve been wanting to go to a con and you can’t make it out to SDCC quite yet, I HIGHLY recommend going to DragonCon. I hope to make it there again one day. Now that I know even more geek stuff since then, it’ll be even better.


Jesus Juking is never a good idea. Never

Here’s the thing. I love God. I love my faith. I’m proud and not ashamed at all of what I believe in. I’m not afraid to talk about my beliefs but at the same time I am respectful of what others believe in.

But I cannot stand when I see other Christians Jesus Juke.

The phrase was coined by Jon Acuff, author of Stuff Christians Like, and means “When some Christian brings Jesus into an argument or conversation out of no where. Usually creating another religious argument within the original argument or conversation.”

Or as Acuff put it best, it’s the Christian version of a Debbie Downer.

Here are some examples of Jesus Juking:

I usually see Jesus Juking happen around holidays or any big pop culture event. It’s like for some reason, some Christians feel like they can’t stand seeing other people be happy or excited about things without constantly interjecting Jesus into the conversation. And the worst part, it’s not even information that helps out anyone! The reaction is usually a strange look, an “Um ok”, and then ignorance.

The latest one I’ve seen lately is anything relating to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. If you don’t want to do it, fine. That’s your choice, I don’t need to hear why you think it’s a bad idea or what your beliefs are, etc. No one is forcing you to and I will not think you’re a bad person for not doing it. If you think it’s silly and stupid idea, fine. But please…don’t do this:

Why????????? What on earth will posting something like this accomplish?

Three reasons why Acuff said Jesus Juking doesn’t work.

1. It generates shame.

2. It never leads to good conversation.

3. I’ve never met someone who was “juked to Jesus.”

While this might not work for everyone, I’ve personally found that the best way to talk about something you’re passionate about, whether it’s your faith or even just your interest, is to just let the conversation happen naturally. The main problem with Jesus Juking is that you’re not listening to the other person. You’re so intent on trying to make YOUR point come across based on what they are talking about that you’re not paying attention to anything else. And I can almost guarantee if someone were to do the same thing in reverse to you, you’d either 1) not listen to them or be insulted or 2) Jesus Juke THAT.

Also it’s almost always said to someone who you don’t really know that well. Therefore you assume things about that person and their spiritual walk and faith.

For the record, the best Jesus Juke someone ever pulled on me was I had posted online “I haven’t read a book in over a week. I have no desire to read anything. I think something’s wrong.” One of the responses I got was “Try Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John.”

Sigh. Just don’t be that person. Don’t.

Love Jesus. Don’t Jesus Juke.


What’s in a name?

I am pretty lenient about a lot of things. But I have one hard rule that 99.9% of the time I will not back down on.

Never call me Debbie. NEVER.

If you ever meet me, you’ll soon find out that I refuse to be called Debbie.

The first time you do it, I’ll let it slide once. I’ll just assume you made a mistake. Even then, I’ll give you a look. It doesn’t matter who you are. The second time you do it, I’ll correct you. You do it again after that? I won’t respond to you. To quote Rumpelstiltskin, “That is not my name!”

My parents named Deborah after the judge in the Bible. It’s gone out of fashion as the years go by. Other than one other girl I met in college, I don’t know a single person my age or younger named Deborah. Every other person with my name has always been older than me. They also spell it lots of different ways. Sometimes I wish I had a different name. Deborah seems very boring and combined with my middle name, I either have a 50’s housewife name or a very Jewish name. At other times though, it’s unique and I do sometimes like the fact that I am usually the only Deborah because then people know and remember me just by my first name (especially since spelling my last name is extremely difficult).

However there are many people who also go by the name of Debbie.

I do not.

Forgive me to any readers of mine or who come across this that go by that nickname. I’m sure you are all very nice people and I hold no ill will to you at all and I hope you are not offended by this.

I however am not a Debbie. A Debbie to me is a very peppy, very preppy 80s cheerleader name.



Or a grown up film that includes a city in Texas of which I will not reference here because I don’t want Google search keywords finding it that way.

I have never been a Debbie. Even as a little kid, I also corrected people who insisted on calling me that. I never have and I never will be.

There is only one exception I have ever made to this rule and it involves two of my very good friends and their adorable baby. I’ve allowed them to refer to me as “Aunt Debbie” for him. I basically lost the battle with this but he’s so cute that I’ll allow it. But no one else gets this. Not even when I have future nieces and nephews of my own.

Interestingly though, I will allow Deb as a nickname. It’s not preferred but I’ll go along with it.

It just think it’s funny how people will just shorten your name without your consent. It’s one thing if you introduce yourself as Mike instead of Michael. But it’s another thing if I start calling you that without you telling me it’s ok to do so AND after you tell me to call me Michael. I realize that to some people it’s a small thing that they probably don’t care about. But to me, your name is your identity. And if someone respects you, they should follow your wishes when it comes to something like this.

My point is that my name is not Debbie. it’s Deborah. I would be pleased and honored if you called me by that name.


All For One: Recapping The Musketeers

Two months ago I posted about how I was going to be covering The Musketeers for Entertainment Weekly. I was a bit excited yet apprehensive about covering the show. The first show I had done was kinda meh and did not have a large audience at all. This new show I thought would be more enjoyable and with a slightly bigger audience but was it really people’s cup of tea? Would anyone really be interested in it? Would I really enjoy it?

Two months later as we approach the season finale on Sunday night, I’m going to miss this most awesome show until next year.



If you’ve been watching the show (or even if you haven’t), feel free to catch up on my recaps on Entertainment Weekly. I also really enjoy comments (hint hint) so if you’re catching up, even ones on older episodes would be great!

A lot of people don’t have BBC America (which is going to be a pain when Doctor Who starts up again on Saturday) so I know that it’s not as accessible as shows on network stations or basic cable. Which makes me quite sad because IT’S SO GOOD that I feel a broader audience would be great for it.

However after talking with folks on Twitter and Facebook, I have yet to come across a person who started watching this show and disliked it. Everyone I know who has had the chance to raves about The Musketeers.

Why have I enjoyed this show?

  • It’s a historical action-adventure drama. Period pieces are my favorite genre to watch.
  • There’s humor. When the writing is on point, there is some incredibly witty and hilarious dialogue.
  • There’s sword fighting. Which is the best kind of fighting.
  • There’s hot guys. And all so very different so you can and choose!
  • It’s a lot of fun. It’s really one of the best shows out there that you can sit back and just enjoy yourself.
  • You don’t have to think TOO hard while watching but you don’t have to sit there and feel like you lost brain cells after it’s over.

Because I enjoy the show so much, it’s been actually a bit hard to recap it properly. I fangirl so much while doing it that I have to leave things out and not do so much OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes my recaps are too long but it’s because there’s so much that’s happening and it seems hard to leave things out. My notes are mostly illegible even to me because I’m constantly having to write down everything and then going back to see how something isn’t really that important.

Peter Capaldi is leaving the show because he’ll be starring on Doctor Who which makes me a bit sad because I’ve really enjoyed his character. He plays him to perfection and I’m going to be wondering what they’ll do to him on Sunday night to replace him. This is a video of him, not acting, but I laughed a lot when I watched it.

If you’re a fan of the men, then you’ll definitely enjoy this video.

It’s been a bit hard to interact with the show and actors on Twitter even though I’m recapping it. The show originally aired in the UK earlier in the year, and while BBC America is promoting it heavily, since you CAN look up to see what happened most of the anticipation is gone. Plus three of the 4 Musketeers (plus Capaldi) don’t have Twitter so that’s been a bummer. I have been retweeted and favorited by several of the actors so that’s been encouraging. Though to be honest, I’m not sure they actually read my recaps. Still I’ll take what I can get.

There are some issues in the show that I find a bit troublesome. I’m not a fan of some of the historical anachronisms such as Milady walking around in public or that some of the female costumes seem a bit too modern. Also, while I know that having affairs was commonplace during that time period, I really am not a fan of how Constance handles her relationship with D’Artagnan and also with her husband. I think (as I said in my recaps) it’s more to do with how they’ve portrayed (or rather NOT portrayed) their relationship and I feel like there’s a lack of a story. It’s also really funny that there are other relationships that I (while again I don’t condone adultery) the chemistry of the characters makes that relationship so much better.

Blips aside, I know that I can’t wait til next year when the second season comes out. I hope I’ll still be covering the show but at the very least I’ll be watching as well. If you’re going to be watching the season finale on Sunday night and are on Twitter, come find me (@beatccr). Hopefully I’ll be livetweeting while watching or at the very least tell me what you thought!

Also…if you’ve read down this far, you’ll be the first to know that the next show I’ll be covering for EW will have another Doctor Who connection. I’ll be recapping Selfie starring Karen Gillan and John Cho. More coming on that soon!


We Come Running

Hopefully by the time you read this I will either have completed Week 3 Day 2 of Couch to 5k or I will be about to start it. I swear all my posts aren’t going to talk about running but because that’s what I’m doing a lot lately, it’s been on my mind. I don’t post my runs or my workouts on my Facebook though I will occasionally talk about it on Twitter. Otherwise I’ve actually been pretty good about keeping it on the down low. Why?

Because I feel like everyone else can do it better than me. Even though I’m pleased with myself that I can currently run for 3 minutes at a time without stopping seems like it would be uber lame to everyone else. Especially to all my friends who run all the time. (You can run 3 minutes? I ran 3 HOURS) Also multiple posts on any subject that seems like humble brags get annoying because it seems like people are just begging for applause and approval.

Yes yes I know. I’m supposed to be doing this for myself and not for anyone else. I know that the fact that I’ve gotten up and have been running for four weeks now is loads better than all the other people who keep saying they are going to run but don’t.

And I am quite pleased at my progress. Currently I alternate between running outside and on a treadmill. I listen to music while I run mainly because that gets me going more so than an audiobook would. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE audiobooks but I when I listen to them I need to concentrate fully and I can’t do that while running. My mind wonders and the beat of the music is good background noise and keeps me from hearing my own breathing.

I just have a feeling of being late to the game and that everyone else is doing it better than me. I’ve been reading message boards and Reddit on other people doing Couch to 5k and it’s both been encouraging and discouraging at the same time.It’s great to know that other people are out there just like me and finding themselves being able to do things that they thought they couldn’t do. It’s super motivational and I find myself getting pumped up for my next run.

But then at the same time, I feel like I’m still doing it wrong. Like for example, people talk about the number one reason why they prefer to run outside vs the treadmill is because they get bored on it. Call me weird but I don’t find it boring at all. Maybe it’s because of my weird overactive imagination but I enjoy using the treadmill. I know that running outside is better for you but sometimes I can’t do it everyday. I’m not comfortable running during rainy weather and sometimes the heat is too much for me. That being said if I get the chance, I DO run outside but some days I’d just rather head to the gym and treadmill it up.

Or the fact that I feel like I’m running too slow. Yes, I know I’m only week 3 so I still have a long ways to go before I’ll be able to do a 5k in the 30 minute range. It’s just a bit discouraging to read other people’s experience where they are running faster and still in the same time frame as I am.

I know that it’s ok to be different. I know that not everyone has the same experiences that I do and as long as I keep it up, I’m doing a lot better than I was even just a few weeks earlier. I know I need to stop comparing myself to others. I guess it’s just the feeling of everyone else knows what they’re doing, they’ve been doing it forever, and I’m behind.

Interestingly my devotional for today touched on a lot of the very things I’ve been struggling with lately regarding running and my faith. Sometimes I feel like everyone else is so grounded in their faith and they seem to not feel shaken even when bad things happen. I feel left behind because I still struggle and even though I’m doing everything I can to strengthen my faith, I still feel left behind. Even though I’m not giving up on my faith by any means lately it’s been easy to feel discouraged.

But I know I need to keep at it. I’m not about to stop just because of what everyone is doing or how they act. My faith (just like my running) is my own experience and I need to keep at it at my own pace. This devotional focusing on Hebrews 12 sums it up better than I ever could.

Just keep running. Keep persevering. Don’t give up.


Wearing scarves in non-scarf weather is the essence of cool

I got called out the other day that I always wear scarves. Even in the summer. Apparently it’s become my trademark.

I used to think that scarves were simply for winter. And even then, I didn’t see much point in them. They never really made me feel any warmer. And if they were to cover up your neck, wouldn’t it make more sense to put them on your neck first and THEN put on your coat? So what was the point on how they looked?

It all started about three years ago. At this point I only had your basic wool scarves for winter. I also didn’t realize that there were ways to incorporate scarves in everyday wear. I guess my image of women wearing scarves was limited to this:

But then I went through a few phases where I was trying to find my personal style. And I realized that I really liked wearing scarves as accessories. I had been wearing the same necklace for years and realized that it was time to give it up. I soon learned that they could liven up almost any outfit and with so many colors and designs they could fit a move. I’m not a big fan of my neck so this was a great way to cover it up fashionably.

Now I have at least 23 scarves. I have winter wool scarves, I have infinity scarves, I have chiffon scarves, I have silk scarves. But before you think I spent tons of money buying these, you’d be wrong. Thanks to gifts, clothing swaps, and insanely good sales, the most I’ve ever spent on a scarf is $6.

To me, scarves are my best accessory. While I do wear jewelry including lots of necklaces, I prefer the look of scarves better. You can wear a scarf for almost any occasion. It can be professional or casual. They can go with almost any outfit. While there are many websites and videos out there that can teach you how to do this, this is my go to page: How to Tie a Scarf with over 50 videos and all sorts of different ways to tie scarves.

Here are just some of the ones that I have:

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage2


Yes that IS a Harry Potter scarf! Go Hufflepuff! Also the red and green scarf was knitted for me. It sparkles!

Basically if you ever talk to me in person, the odds of me wearing a scarf are quite high. And if you ever find yourself in the position of needing to buy me a present, you cannot go wrong with a scarf.


The British Invasion

Just want to start this out first by saying I’m proud to be an American.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I am an Anglophile. I love all things British. If you’ve known me for at least six months, then you know that I have a soft spot for anything from the other side. .

Even though my focus for my history degrees were in American history, my absolute favorite history class was the one I took in British history. Actually I probably would have focused more on British history had my colleges offered more classes. Now I’m not a big fan of the rest of European history. I can’t remember most of the French, Spanish, German, etc. history that I studied. But British history, with all of its kings, battles, and culture? This is how I feel about that:

I’ve talked about some of my favorite British interests on my blog:

The Beatles

Tom Hiddleston

Doctor Who

But there are SO MANY MORE. Harry Potter, James Bond, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Jane Austen, Lewis & Tolkien, Shakespeare, etc. My favorite actors are all British: Kate Winslet, Emily Blunt, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, etc. Basically if it’s on Masterpiece Theater or was shown on BBC, I’ll probably enjoy it. The best done Marvel Cinematic Universe movie? Captain America: The First Avenger. Why? History and British people + comic book superheroes = BEST IDEA EVER.

It is on my bucket list to go to England one day. I do want to visit the rest of the United Kingdom, but I definitely need/want/must go to England before I die. I don’t think I could see everything in just a few days. Maybe I could move there for a year or so.

British accents are awesome. I love listening to audio books read by a British speaker all day.

And while I know how some people feel about the idea of a constitutional monarchy and I’m fully glad that the US won its independence from Great Britain, I do absolutely love learning about the British Royal Family. And Prince Harry is still available. One can dream. And perhaps write a future fangirling post.

I’m not even really going into everything that I enjoy about Britain right now because it would be too much for you. I just know that it’s a fascinating country, with a rich history, heritage, and culture that I really enjoy.

I know I’m not the only one here. What are some of you favorite British things?


The Power (and Danger) of Imagination

I don’t know about you but I have a really big imagination.

Ever since I was a little kid, I used my imagination to help me get through things in life. And yes sometimes I still do that to this day.

If I have to eat something that I absolutely hate but I HAVE to eat it, I just sometimes pretend that I’m on the Oregon Trail and this is part of my meager portions that I need to eat to survive.

While I’m running, when it gets really hard and I feel like I’m about to die, I pretend that I’m being chased by zombies and I just need to go a little further to make it to safety.

I read a lot of fiction and I watch a lot of movies. While I do read a good amount of non fiction, I prefer fiction because I enjoy seeing how others use their creativity.

Imagination does get me in trouble sometimes however. There’s the whole daydreaming when you’re not supposed to, like in class or in church during a sermon. Sometimes it’s hard to focus when the speaker just goes on and on about a boring subject and they refuse to attempt to make it interesting.

And then there are those times when I worry or have anxiety and I let my imagination run away with me. I will gather just the bare bones information of what I have and I will concoct a wild and crazy scenario that will probably be completely untrue. Sometimes I am right, sometimes I am wrong. Either way the thing is, I don’t know 100% what’s going on.

Sure, I can be realistic and prepare for something that could possibly happen. But if it’s something that I’m dwelling on without confirmation? It’s my imagination running away with me and THAT’S when imagination becomes a problem. Because that’s when the worry, fear, anxiety, and stress will all kick in just because I start to think something may be happening based off of assumptions and an overactive imagination. Though I will say, if you don’t respond to a reasonable amount of texts, voice mails, emails sent over a significant amount of time and no one has any idea if you’ve fallen off the face of the earth, I may start imagining that you’ve died in your house and we all just don’t know it yet.

It’s perfectly fine and healthy to have an active imagination. But you have to know when it’s real and when you’re running away with it. As long as you can tell the difference (and perhaps confine it to a certain room), you’ll be fine.


Here’s what’s been happening since last time

So let’s update on things that have been happening in the last few weeks.

Running – I’m on my 3rd week of running! I’m using the Couch to 5k app from C2KFree and it’s been really helpful. I made myself go over week 1 twice so that I could do a whole week’s worth of workouts without stopping so technically I’m on week 2’s workouts right now. The first day was awful. Even though I work out, I’m not used to running and I basically felt like I was going to die. But I didn’t give up! I’ve been running outside and on the treadmill. I’m not going to be the fastest runner but by George I’m going to keep at it.

Soccer – World Cup is over but I got to go to my first MLS game thanks to one of my friends. We saw DC United take on Toronto FC. Our seats was in the supporters section and those fans are intense! Be prepared to get drenched in beer if DC scores which meant I got covered in beer three times. Michael Bradley from the USMNT was playing for Toronto so that was super exciting.


D&D – We started our campaign and I had a blast! Since we’re playing with a starter set, the story was preset though our DM tells stories very well and can ad lib on the spot. Our adventures went a little crazy because our wizard decided to go off on his own while the rest of us was battling wolves and goblins. Because of his decision we ended up getting attacked by everything in a cave with most of us basically dying before the day was over. I also now have a reputation of being a wolf slayer. There was a room with three wolves on leashes. The wizard put one of the wolves in an enchanted sleep. To save another member of our party, I shot and killed one of the wolves with my bow and arrow. And then I beheaded the sleeping wolf with my sword. Apparently it was pointless and I didn’t need to do it and I killed a defenseless animal. Sigh. I still had a lot of fun and our next session is at the end of month. We also indulged in a bacon wrapped Oreo each.


Wedding – My friends (“Lizzie & Darcy”) got married and it was lovely! I’m so glad to have been a part of it and I cried watching two of my best friends make their love for each other official. I also missed the bouquet toss and most of the dancing but not on purpose. I got roped into helping decorate the cars and it took a lot longer than we expected. I also really liked how the hair dresser did my hair. I asked for a fauxhawk and that’s what I got!


 Via Beyond Studio

Concerts – I’m going to see Josh Groban next week. NEXT WEEK. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. There will probably be another update on that later. Since I’m going two nights in a row, I was told I should bring a sign saying “Josh! I’ll be here tomorrow too!”. I countered that I have a feeling there will be plenty of older ladies doing the same thing as well. Then I was told to add to the sign “And I’m not old either!”

And finally, my recaps on The Musketeers on Entertainment Weekly is still going strong. My latest recap was featured on the main EW.com home page!


So that’s what’s been going on with me. How have you been?